Psychiatrists and the “I Know Best” Attitude, revisited

After speaking to the team leader of the psychiatrist I saw last week, I was feeling hopeful. After all, not every doc at Community Mental Health can be condescending and arrogant, right?

Not so fast. Apparently there is no way to swap me to another psychiatrist. No reasons were given, apart from “It’s quite tough at the moment”, but my educated guess is that every other psych is overloaded. I can’t be switched. The only suggestion is that the team leader could come with me to my appointments.

This is crushing. The very idea of willingly going back to a doctor that made me feel worthless, insignificant, and stupid, is incredibly upsetting. Having his boss sitting in may put him on his best behavior, but it won’t stop him being an arrogant ass.

I’m not very stable, and little things like this send me into floods of tears. I wish I could go back to the excellent psychiatrist as the crisis team, but he had to pass me on to Community because he’s not funded for long-term care. I feel trapped and powerless.

There are always personalities that just clash. His and mine are one such pair. The inflexibility of the community mental health team’s workloads means that I have to grit my teeth and feel beaten down by this man, or I can leave. It’s not good for me, and it’s not good for anyone else who finds themselves in this position. I just wish I knew a way to make this better for myself and everyone else that has to be treated by this system.


2 thoughts on “Psychiatrists and the “I Know Best” Attitude, revisited

  1. arisfairloughblog

    I hope when you read this you are in a better place. I too had similar issues when I went to see the local mental health clinic. First being geography, there is a clinic which I can see from my front door but because it is beyond an invisible line I had to go to the clinic 2 bus journeys away. Initially I did not mind this as I was so keen to get I’d would have walked there if needed. However when I was not feeling any benefits from going there it seemed so pointless. Second was then with the doctors and nurses themselves. The doctors I understand that they have lots of cases to be dealing with, but due to the nature of mental health you need to talk to your patients. I personally find it extremely difficult to explain what is going on in head and yet the consultation is over in the blink of an eye. And then CBT with the nurse, who asks if it is ok for a trainee to sit in on the session!! And because I dont to come across as being not a team player I say yes no problem.

    I wish I had money so I could pay for private therapy, at least that way I would get at least an hour and perhaps feel like I mattered!

    1. Wombat Post author

      The system is set up in such a way that if you’re not seen as a ‘team player’, you often get worse care. It’s not fair, it’s not supposed to happen, but if you make waves, you get shuffled to the back of the line.
      I meet with the team lead tomorrow to see where I can go from here – it’s terrifying, because I might end up with the choice of the psych that put me on edge, or no psych at all. I’m still trying to find a good medication combination, and I really need a psych to help me work through that. All I can do is cross my fingers and hope it doesn’t go to hell (this is not good for anxiety!)
      Best of luck trying to find a solution to your mental health team problems. I wish there was an easy fix for it all.


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