Depression through my eyes.

Depression is like the night without the glasses that make the world clear. When it comes, you can see the hints of light that show life and happiness, but they’re so blurred that you can’t see how far away they are, how strong they are, or where they’re coming from.

Antidepressants are the pair of glasses that help you see where the light comes from. They aren’t a magic potion that makes it all better- they just make things clear enough to be able to see where hope lies, and to be able to walk towards it.


2 thoughts on “Depression through my eyes.

  1. Carrie Lange

    People look down on me as a mother when they find out my teen daughter takes an anti-depressant and mood stabilizer. They just can’t accept the fact that she medically needs them. There must be something else wrong that makes her suicidal. Why can’t it be accepted the way insulin or blood thinners, or any other type of medication? I hate the fact that mental illness is “not really a medical condition”. Years ago, my fiance was so convinced that to have a mental illness meant being weak that he refused to accept his diagnosis of OCD and clinical depression. He wouldnt take medicine, and he ended up killing himself. If society didn’t look down it’s nose at people, maybe they would be ashamed of getting help, and there wouldn’t be 37,000 suicides each year.

    1. Wombat Post author

      I hate that as well. Mental illness is ‘real’, as real as cancer or diabetes. The stigma associated with it means that we go untreated – and that kills, just like untreated cancer or diabetes. But mental illness is the red-headed step-child of illness – unless you’re floridly psychotic, you’re pretty out of luck when it comes to Joe Public understanding that you are not well, and that you need help.
      People should be telling you you’re a good mother for making sure your daughter gets the treatment she needs. If I’d got help as a teen, instead of a combination of prayer and ignoring the problem, I would likely have lived a much better and more normal life than I have. Thank you for getting her the help she needs.


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