Side Effect Hell, part 3: Do You See What I See

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Medication: Lamotrigine, or possibly Olanzapine.

Not too long ago, I had my eyes re-tested, because I hadn’t had my glasses updated in three or four years, and things were looking a bit blurry. Unfortunately, we ran into a problem. Even perfectly corrected, my world is blurry. I seem to be able to pattern-match very well, so I can interpret the world around me based on prior knowledge, but my vision cannot be brought to a point where the world is clear around me.

In familiar places, that’s ok. I know what’s supposed to be where, and I can navigate my way around fine. But when I’m in unfamiliar territory, panic can start to rise as  realise that I don’t have the ability to read the signs around me without getting up-close. Being in a crowd is also made more difficult, as the people around me are not people but a single seething mass of humanity.

I struggle to watch sports games – the ball is too blurry to follow much of the time. I can only drive in areas I know pretty well, or with a navigator – I can’t read street signs.

It limits my life so much. So many of these things do.


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