Side Effect Hell, part 7: My Brain is Dipped in Honey

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 Drug: Olanzapine.

I’m a student and a mother. Both of these activities require rather a lot of brain function – I have to be able to juggle the kids’ needs and wants, their appointments, my study, my appointments, and whatever else crops up. I need my brain to be in working order.

But the meds I’m on have dipped my brain in honey. I can’t think straight, I repeat myself, I can’t remember what I’ve said or done, and I can’t multitask. If someone’s talking in the background, I can’t focus on what I’m doing. I can’t deal with multiple inputs with any degree of logic or accuracy. And these things are essential to my daily living.

I’m adapting by carefully focussing on one things at a time, but with a couple of kids, that can be really hard. It means that if I’m chopping veges for dinner and one of them has a question, I have to stop what I’m doing or I’ll chop my fingers off and still not answer the question put to me.

Can I have my mind back? I need it!


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