The Seasons Are Changing

It’s been a long, hot, beautiful summer. The sun has shone so much that most of the country was declared a drought zone. Not so good for the farmers that are the basis of our economy, but good for sun-lovers like me. But yesterday was the first day that reminded me that summer isn’t going to last forever. Dark and overcast, it foretells the cold, wet winter that is coming.

I don’t like winter. Spring and autumn are ok, I guess, but I’m a summer girl. When the weather closes in, my mind often closes in with it. The lack of warm sun does something to me. It makes me feel darker, closer to depression.

The cold makes me not want to get out of bed, to stay hidden in warm safe places – preferably bed, but my warm home will do. The cold pushes me to be less active, less social, less involved in life.

I’m not a winter girl, and winter does bad things to my mental health. My goal this year is to not let it get on top of me, and to do healthy, active, social things to stay well over the winter.


2 thoughts on “The Seasons Are Changing

  1. depressionbloggers

    Wow, it never occurred to me before that people in other parts of the world are starting to experience winter depression just as I’m getting over it. I hope yours isn’t too difficult this year.

  2. Carrie Lange

    dang, I guess I realized that we are all on opposite and differing season patterns, but it never hit me until I read this post. Here in the US, we are all looking forward to the summer which is fast approaching! best to you, girl! 😉


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