Success! . . . maybe.

Today I actually managed to join a gym! It’s a major part of the treatment plan that my doctor has laid out for me, and I can see why it’s a good idea. Plus, it will help with the weight I’ve gained – 18kg! I was horrified to step on the scales there, but I need a baseline to look at my progress against.

I spent an hour there, did a weights round and thirty-five minutes of cardio work. Had a lovely shower, came home. Problem is, now I feel . . . I don’t know. Flat. Empty. Sad.

Going to the gym always used to make me feel good, but right now I feel pretty down. I feel guilty for going out instead of working on the assignment that’s due tomorrow. I don’t have the ‘high’ that going to the gym used to give me, and that makes me feel even more guilty, for reasons I can’t even begin to fathom.

I’m going to keep going – I’m not paying $15 a week to not go! – and maybe it will get better. But right now, I just feel like I’m going to cry.


3 thoughts on “Success! . . . maybe.

  1. Alison Fursdon

    Which gym did you join? Also it takes while it get the body back into the swing of things. Persist and you will once again look forward to going and the buzz that follows.
    Study hard, exercise hard.
    Love you

    1. Wombat Post author

      Love you too Mum. I joined Lifestyle in Lower Hutt, it’s one that I’ve been to before, and they even remembered me!


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