Lapses in Concentration

I’m trying to write a decently large (2000-word) assignment at the moment, and my concentration is just rubbish. I can write a couple of sentences, maybe a paragraph, before my mind wanders off on a tangent.

This seems to be a growing pattern – I can’t do anything for long without my brain haring off on its own. I miss chunks of conversation because something that was said made me think of something else, and off I go into my own little world.

Typing is a struggle because I can’t concentrate on the word I’m trying to type, and other words spill out instead. They’re still words, so the spell-checker doesn’t catch them, but on reading over what I’ve written, ‘the’ would have come out as ‘that’, or ‘something’ as ‘sometimes’. Or ‘inculcate’ as ‘intubate’.

All this makes me worry about what is going to happen at exam time. Will I be able to write coherent exam essays? I have no idea, to be honest. I’m going to apply for impaired performance if I don’t feel like I did well, since my essay work is usually good enough for me to be considered. But still, I feel pretty bad not being able to work to the best of my usual ability.


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