More Psychologist Time

I think my problem with seeing a psychologist is that I really have no idea what they do. I don’t know what I’m supposed to get out of my visits to her, and so I feel like I’m wasting the $200 a week it costs to sit in confusion.

You’re supposed to trust your treatment provider, but I’m not sure how that trust is supposed to be built. It seems to be expected that it just appears on your first visit. I’ve been burned by so many treatment providers that I don’t trust them much any more.

I keep hearing that I need to ‘trust this process’. But I don’t know what the process is, or why I should trust it. I’m not being given any explanations of what’s supposed to be happening, and I’m just confused by everything. How do you trust what you don’t even begin to grasp?

Maybe I’m being too analytical, overthinking the whole thing. It almost feels like psychology is a bit woolly, a bit woo, and by thinking about it too hard I’m ruining the magic or something. I don’t know. I’m just confused, frustrated, and unhappy at spending so much and getting so little.


2 thoughts on “More Psychologist Time

  1. depressionbloggers

    I totally understand where you’re coming from. That whole “trust the process” thing has always seemed a bit arrogant to me. I was raised to be cynical, ask questions, think for myself, and make my own decisions. I have the brain to do that, and I don’t necessarily trust someone else’s expertise just because they tell me I should. Sometimes questioning is a very healthy thing to do. I can’t trust any process until every question has been answered.

    1. Wombat Post author

      I don’t even know what the process I’m supposed to be trusting *is*. It feels like an empty catchphrase right now.


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