A Recovery Period?

I’ve been depressed on and off several times in the past ten or twelve years, but I’ve never really studied the process. I just get unwell, and then an unspecified time later, I’m ok again. Sometimes I’m not so much ok again as spinning out into wild excess, but the point stands. I’m somehow no longer depressed.

What I wonder is whether there is a recovery period from depression. A time when you’re not really depressed any more, but you’re not quite ok yet. Something like the tail end of a cold, where you’re not 100% yet but you’re functional, even if you’re still feeling a bit out of it.

It would make sense for there to be a recovery period, I guess. emotional health isn’t really like a switch that gets flipped, at least not for me. It takes a bunch of things over a period of time to trigger a depression, especially a really deep long one. I can imagine that coming out of it could be a somewhat the same.

Right now I’m not really depressed any more. I feel flat, I have bad days, but I’m not in the depths of misery that I was. But I’m not well. I’m easily overwhelmed, sensitive, sometimes weepy, and lacking in concentration. I hope it’s a sign that I’m getting better, because it’s not really a way I want to live.


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