Mental Illness and University Life Again

Exam time is creeping up again, in a weeks’ time to be precise. This time around, I was assigned two morning exams, on two consecutive days.

Normally, this would be an occasion for a bit of groaning, and that’s about it. But with the meds I’m on at the moment, mornings are just not my best time. I’m groggy and out of it until sometime around 11am, and that did not bode well for my exam-taking.

But Disability Services came to the rescue! They’ve arranged for me to have my exams in the afternoon rather than the morning, so that I can be fully alert, and actually be able to do my best on them.

I guess some universities might not be as good with mental illness as mine has been, but I’m glad that I’ve been lucky. It’s a pretty small thing, but it means that I have a better shot at doing as well as I can.


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