Awkward Party Moments

I’ve been to a couple of parties over the last two weeks. And one of the most common conversation openers that people use is “So what have you been up to lately?”

Well, I’ve been rather depressed and hiding myself away and not going out for months. But saying that just doesn’t seem like the right thing to do. It fell out of my mouth once last week, and I was lucky that the girl I said it to was lovely and understanding and didn’t look at me strangely and move away quickly.

I can lie a little and talk about my trip to Europe over the summer. That was only five or six months ago, that’s recent, right? And it’s a pretty decent topic of conversation. 

I can just talk about the last week, polishing off exams. That’s pretty safe. I think. I sometimes feel like being a student at 26 is a bit shameful – most people are well shot of university by now. But if they don’t know how old I am, maybe it’s ok.

I can talk about the storm last week, we lost power and had some trees come down 20m from our house. That’s kind of exciting – except everyone around lived through the same storm, so it stops being interesting.

Maybe I should just smile and say “Oh, not much, what about you?”. That’s safe. Can’t go wrong there, right? I guess that works. It seems a bit bland, and it erases my reality, but it’s safe.


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