Rape Analogies

I heard the argument a wee while back that rape victims should be doing more to prevent being raped. That people do things to prevent themselves being robbed – locking your doors, keeping valuables out of sight, and so on. Why shouldn’t potential rape victims take precautions?

The thing is, most rapes are committed by people you know. So the analogy is wrong. It’s like saying that to stop yourself being robbed, you should never invite friends over, never have a drink with them. You should keep all your nice stuff locked in a basement where no-one can ever see it. You shouldn’t show off your vintage record collection or let people watch the game on your 50″ tv. And that if you do, well, then you did kind of tempt them to steal your stuff by letting them see it all.

More than 80% of rapes are by someone the victim knows. Perhaps the next suggestion to prevent rape will be to just not know people.



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