Things are not so great in my world right now, and it’s still affecting my writing, so my apologies for somewhat spotty updates.

This round of depression is kicking me around hard. Creativity is at a low ebb. I’m having to consider dropping all my papers at Uni this semester because I haven’t started getting well yet, and I needed to be improving enough to be able to concentrate on writing assignments. Also, if I’m still as unwell as I am currently come exam season, I won’t be in any shape to be able to attend exams.

Yesterday, after six months of waiting and a sudden deterioration in her hearing, my younger daughter was diagnosed with glue ear and sleep apnea. She needs an operation to install grommets and remove her adenoids, to release fluid in her ear and to help her breathe respectively. I would be happy if that was the only thing she needed, but there’s more. If her breathing doesn’t improve, it’s back into surgery to remove her tonsils. And there appears to be a degree of underlying hearing loss beyond the problem of fluid in the middle ear. I can hope that it’s not too bad, but there’s a more-than-zero chance that she may need hearing aids.

To round off her problems, she has some form of learning problem. We’re about six months into the waiting list for Child Development Services, who can look at her learning and speech development and maybe give her a diagnosis, so she’s eligible for extra help at school. We were also hoping Special Education’s speech/language therapists would come through, but we’ve been on that waitlist for almost two years. They’re a little bit overloaded.

With so much going on, I do try to write at least every second day, but that’s not always possible.


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