Sod It

What’s depression without a good side helping of anxiety? When being in a car is terrifying, and you end up so on-edge that even a moderately loud noise is enough to set you shaking.

And what are anxiety and depression without a small helping of hallucinating? Seeing things moving out of the corner of your eye, and feeling an odd presence over your shoulder.

And what are all of those without a steadily-worsening tremor, which is a bit variable but can stop you being able to send a text or dial a number?

And how about adding to that pile a child going deaf, who hasn’t been breathing properly since she was born, and needs surgery to fix these things as son as possible?

And how about we mix all these stresses with a child’s birthday party, with all the leaving the house and talking to people stuff that you are terrified of trying to do in your present state?

What’s depression without all that? Bloody inviting at the moment.


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