Gag Reflex Part Two

Yesterday’s article is still bothering me. It strikes me that there are far more things to be viscerally disgusted by than what other consenting adults do in their bedroom. They’re doing no-one any harm. Unlike:

  • Priests interfering with little boys (and girls). Yeah, it’s a bit of a cliche now, but that’s no reason not to be morally outraged.
  • Entire nations of people being too poor to eat properly
  • Millions of children dying of hunger every year
  • The Catholic Church being one of the most wealthy institutions on the face of the planet, and hoarding the wealth while many of their parishes struggle
  • Evangelical churches paying their leaders well enough to own private jets but leaving it to individual parishioners to help other out in bad times
  • Rampant Western consumerism giving jobs to Asian nations, but only jobs that pay little and under dangerous conditions
  • Church and national authorities discouraging or outright banning the use of condoms, thus encouraging the spread of HIV
  • Child sex trafficking
  • Children in first world countries going without food, warm clothing, or shoes due to poverty

The list could go on and on. Before we complain about what consenting adults do in private, be outraged about some of that. Pick something that resonates with you and do what you can about it. Leave gay people to marry and live in peace.


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