Fifty-five Million Children

Today’s piece of stupidity stupendous enough to cause me to take up my keyboard comes courtesy of Right Wing Watch, who are what they say on the box.

Three paragraphs shows this woman to be out of touch with the realities outside her circumscribed white-bread world. Behold:

“Forty years ago, our parents faced a very big decision in Roe v. Wade,” Howard said. “They decided at that point to allow the Supreme Court, nine people in black robes, to step in and try to decide for the entire nation the right to abortion. Forty years later, we see the consequences, don’t we? We see men and women hurt, 55 million children lost. And we’re dealing with that as individuals and our families, knowing everyone has a story of someone they know who has been affected.”

“For 55 million children lost, you think about how many moms and dads, potential moms and dads, there were there that lost their motherhood or their fatherhood,” she added.

She predicted that the Supreme Court’s DOMA decision would create the same kind of “pain.”

“Conservatives and christians,” she said, will “have to deal with this, in 40 years maybe, the pain that comes from this, of what we have to deal with with children and hurt women and hurt men.”

Let’s talk about 55 million children ‘lost’. First, the language is ridiculous. You would think this was the worst polio epidemic to ever sweep America. It’s nothing of the sort. These are not beloved children who passed away tragically young. These are foetuses. These are not ‘moms’ (apart from the women who already have other children). They are women who have made an important life choice. And imagining the all as hurting souls is just rubbish. Some will regret it, and some will feel a terrible weight lifted from their shoulders. Broad generalisations about such a complex and nuanced decision just don’t work.

Tell me, with its failing health system, its overloaded school system, and its hacked-to-pieces social security programmes,  how would America deal with 55 million more citizens?

Now, to prophesy that allowing equal rights for homosexual couples will produce hurting men and women that conservatives and Christians to ‘deal with’. That’s a big piece of donkey dung to be biting off. Shall we ask about the hundreds of thousands of homosexual men and women who have been hurt by various churches? Shall we talk about the suicides that occur in the gay population due to a lack of social acceptance of homosexuality? Shall we inquire about the harm done to gay kids in school when their peers come to school with anti-gay t-shirts? Shall we consider the kids that have aged out of the foster system without ever having a family, because homosexual couples were blocked from adopting?

Tell me, how are these people going to hurt more having their human rights acknowledged and enshrined in law, than they are already from the prejudice fostered by Christians and Conservatives?

It’s ugly to call someone a bigot, but the idea that more acceptance of a social group is a bad thing fits the bill. These people are standing on the wrong side of history, and I hope they or their children look back in shame at this ugly piece of history.


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