Tremors rule a lot of my life right now. I shake so much that I can’t hold a cup of coffee in one hand. Mending is a nightmare of pricked fingers, and cross-stitching is sometimes do-able and sometimes not. The most fun comes in preparing dinner – I have a very sharp knife, and I’m waiting for the day I lose part of a finger.

I have a medication that helps a bit, but I can’t take enough of it to really help without lowering my blood pressure to the point of fainting. So I can get a bit of relief when I realise I’ll really need it, but otherwise the shaking is just something I have to live with.

I really do wonder sometimes whether it’s all worth it. Tremors and sleep disturbances, constant hunger and occasional dizziness, tiredness and restlessness. The list can go on far too long. The best I can do is just live with it, I guess. Be tormented and functional, or healthy but dysfunctional, or worse, non-functional.

Too tired and too dizzy to think any more.


3 thoughts on “Tremors

    1. Wombat Post author

      I think sometimes I do it simply because there’s no other option. You keep going until you just can’t any more, and I haven’t come to the point of not being able to so I just keep going. Sometimes it makes me better, sometimes it makes me worse. All I can do is push my way through and do the best I can.


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