It’s Ok To Rape People . . .

. . . as long as they’re sluts. Think about how the cops and parts of the media are dealing with rape in general, and the Roast Busters case in particular.

When a victim is grilled about what they were wearing, what you essentially say is “I’m ok with rape, as long as the girl was dressed slutty. Dressing slutty means it’s not real rape”. This ‘asking for it’ attitude comes up frequently when women attempt to report a rape, and it has happened to at least one young girl – thirteen years old! – when she tried to report her rape to the police. It’s also happened to a girl who called into a radio station to talk about when the Roast Busters raped her friend. To humiliate her like that on national radio is shameful. But it shows how widespread this victim-blaming is, how deeply it runs through society.

It’s ok to rape people . . . if they’re drunk. Being incapacitated completely means you can’t communicate, so you can’t say no. And who cares if you do? It comes down to “I’m ok with rape if the girl was smashed, she shouldn’t be smashed and she deserves what she gets”. This is floating around as well – the Roast Busters would ply their targets with alcohol, but the girls are blamed for getting drunk. Saying no to a cool older boy giving you drinks is bloody hard when you’re thirteen and a bunch of cool older boys surround you.

Every time you try and blame a victim in some way for their rape, what you’re saying is that it’s ok to rape someone, as long as they’re doing X or wearing Y. Do you really want to say you’re ok with rape?


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