Building the Barbeque

It’s getting on towards summer here, and it seemed appropriate to purchase ourselves a barbeque so we can take advantage of the weather. So, we went out and diligently researched our purchase, and selected a nice little 4-burner model.

I hadn’t even considered the idea that it was so cheap because we had to build the damn thing ourselves. But, never mind, how hard can it be? (harder than I expected) My daughter and I turned it into a project. We had a pretty good time. We’re half-way through, with a side-burner and the internal workings to put together tomorrow.

We worked well together as a team. And it turned out that we needed to work as a team, because my tremor is bad enough that I can’t start a screw. She would place them and hand-tighten them, and I would come along with the screwdriver and tighten them up properly. I was also in charge of reading the directions and heavy lifting.

It was a good partnership, and we did pretty well. I’m not sure that she’ll be keen to help tomorrow, but it looks like I can handle what’s left on my own.

It was a good time, a positive experience. What I take away from it is not happy though. All it reminds me of is my disability, my inability to use my hands properly due to the tremor. My signature has suffered – I had to do it for my new driver’s license and it took me a couple of goes to get it right, and then signing the temporary license was a bit of a disaster.

I hate that what I take out of a good night with my daughter is a reminder of my own problems. It’s like I can’t just enjoy good things any more.


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