My Corsets

It’s something I do every day now. Most women put a bra on without thinking, and that’s that. I put a corset on and I’m suddenly silly, or crazy, or something.

It took me a long while to find one that fitted right, and I probably looked a bit odd while I tried others on. That’s ok, I’ve found the right one now, and I have a pretty normal looking silhouette. So that’s one set of questions and explanations down.

I get all sorts of less-than-supportive comments, the most common being ‘why are you wearing that?’ It was only a couple of generations ago that it was completely normal, but these days it’s deviant, and no-one likes someone who’s different.

It doesn’t restrict my breathing, and it doesn’t restrict my movement much, except that I have to bend in a specific way if I want to get something off the floor. It’s comfortable, I have much less back pain, and I am happy to have changed over from a bra. I can eat as much as I like – I run out of appetite before I run out of space under the corset.

This is my normal, and I’m happy with it. Some people have been very good about it, not even commenting on it or saying nice things. But so many people are doubtful or outright opposed. I guess to them I want to say “I don’t judge your bra and knickers, so leave my foundation garments alone!”


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