What Is a Life?

A picture crossed my timeline today, an anti-abortion one. It reads “Why would a bacteria be considered life on Mars . . . And a heartbeat not considered life on Earth?”

Let me ask, why would a woman have a right to bodily integrity . . . except when she is pregnant?

A heartbeat is not a person. It’s a potential human, but that doesn’t mean that it has the same rights as the actual human that carries it. If she wants or needs to stop that heartbeat, it’s her right. It’s her body that’s being a life support, and she has the right to choose not to, for any reason. There will be millions more potential humans created. There is only one life for each actual human.

The comment thread threw up another anti-abortion image. It’s a woman in a t-shirt saying ‘Third Trimester’ screaming “How dare you challenge my right to kill this thing? No-one can stop me doing whatever I want with my body!” This, children is what we call a “straw man”. Anyone that tries to set this up is being deliberately misleading – this woman exists about as much as do baby-eating atheists.

There are real, non-emotive lines of dialogue between pro- and anti-choicers. But this kind of emotive, unrealistic, placard-waving rubbish is just that. I can disagree with a good argument, but I can only pour scorn on this rubbish.


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