Love can be tough, but friendship lasts forever

I am afraid that I’m calling bullshit on half of this one. Yes, love is hard. Really hard sometimes. But friendship doesn’t always last forever.

The context I saw this in was a girl who had just broken up with her boyfriend, calling her best friend for help. Her best friend appears and comforts her. All in all a pretty average comic strip. It was captioned with the above title.

Friends, even best friends, don’t always last forever. People drift apart and together again, rifts form, both serious and silly, because life ebbs and flows like that. It’s just the way life works, and trying to cling on to a friend that’s moving in a different direction is silly.

The comic implies that love doesn’t last forever, that it can be tough, and that it sometimes doesn’t work out. Why would anyone think that friendship is any different? You have to work at it and put effort into it in order for it to work, and sometimes it doesn’t no matter how hard you try. Sometimes it breaks up for no reason and you’re left crying to your boyfriend that you just don’t know what went wrong.

Don’t be realistic about love and then paint a rosy view of friendship. They’re both forms of close relationships, and there are strong similarities between the two.


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