A tired bunny

I’m sorry I haven’t written for a few days. I’ve just been so tired. Today is the first in a wee while that I haven’t had a two or three hour nap in the afternoon, and I’m in bed at 8:00pm. I’m trying to keep my eyes open but I’m just so sleepy.

I started back at the gym a week ago, and it’s going well. I hope it’s not the source of the tiredness, because I need to keep going to rebuild the muscle I lost while I was really unwell. Wearing a corset also means that I need to keep my core strength so that I’m not completely dependent on the corset to keep my back straight.

It’s a bit worrying, the sleepiness. It’s been a sign of relapse for me. I’m still doing ok, but I wonder and I worry. I feel like if I’m sliding down again, there’s not a lot that can stop me. I’m getting exercise and eating well, and depression doesn’t care about all that. If it comes, it comes. I don’t know if there’s anything that would halt another sink into blackness.

This is a very all-about-me stream-of-consciousness post. I aim to return you to normal transmissions soon


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