Delicate balances

I had a really busy Saturday. I was up before 730am and wandered around a fair all day. By 5pm I was falling asleep. I had a great time.

But then there’s the fallout. I have been lying down by 9pm at the latest because I’m too tired to stay upright. I’m still very tired, and it affects how well I can concentrate, which is a bit of a problem when it comes to having to do Uni work. With any luck I’ll come right in the next few days.

My life is a delicate balance, and there are many things that can destabilise me. Sudden changes of plan, unexpected stresses, sudden extra workloads all make me unbalanced, but so do things like going out for an evening, or having the kids home early.

I have two things on this weekend, and I’m not sure what to do. I almost certainly cannot do both. But should I do either? I’m still recovering from last weekend. It’s all confusing.


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