A pay rise

Barely-noticed this week is a wee news article that should be exciting for beneficiaries. They’re getting a pay rise!

I hear the mutterings – bloody bludgers don’t deserve that, they should be happy with what they get. Don’t be too hard on them though, they’re only getting another 1.38%. Superannuation continues to grow in line with the average New Zealand wage, and superannuitants will continue to receive 66% of an average wage.

What about that 1.38%? How much of a change is that going to make? Well, as a single over-25, your income will rise by $2.85 to $209.06 per week. Which, I believe, constitutes not enough to live on.

When are we going to treat beneficiaries as real people, people who have the right to have enough money to live on? Spare me the crap about career beneficiaries. They’re a right-wing boogey-man and I don’t really want to hear it. Should we really be depriving thousands of people of any kind of quality of life just because some people, somewhere, might choose ‘beneficiary’ as a career? If you believe that, what kind of inhumane person are you? Dehumanising an entire segment of the population because you’re suspicious of some of them is cruel.

Somehow, though, there will be people who resent the idea that beneficiaries and getting a few more dollars. And beneficiaries would be tempted to say ‘take your 1.38% and shove it’, except, well, they really need the extra two bucks.


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