Men failing in a woman’s world

A man by the name of Phil Gifford offered his opinion to a reporter today regarding the sufferings of men in a female-dominated world. Feminists up and down the country were divided between anger and hysterical laughter.

He does have some legitimate points. Men don’t go to the doctor when they’re concerned about something the way women do, and as a result often have poor health outcomes. That’s something that should be addressed as best we can. Boys are struggling with formal education, and need to be supported in order for them to achieve their full potential. however, he’s pretty much off the deep end for much of his ramblings.

There’s one particular quote that struck me.

“Masculists are the reply to feminists. Come on darlings, we want fairness, balance and common sense.”

“Come on darlings”? See, that, right there, is a full dipper of what feminists are trying so hard to fight. Talking down to women and using their gender as a derogatory term is part of the male-dominated female-denigrating culture that this man subscribes to. His language frames his world – a world in which he can protest all he likes, but women are not seen as equal. Where women get talked down to, all the time. Where women are expected to take gendered insult from men like him.

There are things that boys and men need more support with. Feminists do not want to deny others the help they need (or at least in my idealist world), but feminism not going to be hijacked by people screaming ‘what about the men??’. Men that need help should be assisted by the men that are in power – that’s the way it’s always been. Women have other battles to fight.

Keep your gendered insults to yourself, Mr Gifford. Stop wallowing in the depths of privileged woe. You still hold the balance of power, and we’re still trying to gain equality in the majority of fields. Three or four examples of places where men don’t dominate does not equal female oppression. Talk to me when the majority of politicians, CEOs, doctors, and every other prestigious group is dominated by women and they’re not hiring men, and we’ll chat about inequality.


One thought on “Men failing in a woman’s world

  1. cmdelislefm

    This sort of “masculism” generally strikes me as whiny and attention-seeking and I agree with most of what you’ve said.
    But I take slight issue with: “Men that need help should be assisted by the men that are in power – that’s the way it’s always been. Women have other battles to fight.”
    As you often emphasise, gender is not the only privilege divide; I’m not sure it’s even the most important in all situations. While feminism cannot and should not concern itself with all privilege divides, women (and men) should.


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