Casual stigmatization

Someone on the internet was sexually harassed, with someone yelling about her hot body, and her response to it was ‘hell yes and I know it!’. Let’s leave aside the slightly problematic way she reinforced the idea that it’s acceptable to harass a woman on the street, because I don’t have enough angry vibes left to write about that. This is what she wrote about the experience

Eh he was kinda leering at me but even if he said bitch nice tits I would still have been like goddamn I know right thanks. Playing it off is a lot better than getting your panties in a bunch and possibly pissing off someone who could easily be bipolar or something and armed

He might be bipolar and armed. How ignorant, and how cruel. Being bipolar has very little to do with being a casual murderer, and associating dangerous assault with mental illness is a painfully false stereotype. We’re more likely to be victims of violence than we are to commit such acts.

The girl then went on to brush off comments from her reader base that called her on her ableist commentary, and she made arguments based on the meaning of words rather than their intention (in a way that makes me suspect that she’s a young undergrad student).

This sort of thing makes me so angry. The casual stereotyping of a group by someone that has no idea what the diagnosis they have means. Bipolar =/= violent. Mentally ill =/= dangerous. But ignorance = hurt, and damage, and perpetuation of stereotypes.

I know I can’t expect much from late teen/early twenties girls with no experience of mental illness in any form. I just wish that, when called out, people would have the common decency to take a moment, learn something, and not continue being both cruel and ignorant.


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