I haven’t written much the last few days. First I was recovering from a mad essay day – I wrote the entire thing, edited it, and put it in, in about ten hours. It was a bit crazy.  So I didn’t want to even see a keyboard for a while there. I spent the time reading The Luminaries. I wasn’t that impressed.

My younger girl goes in to see genetic services tomorrow, and with any luck we may walk away with a definitive diagnosis, a prognosis, and with those, the ability to drag money out of the Ministry of Education to help her with her learning. She learns slower than other kids, and she could very easily get left behind. One-on-one and small group help has done so much for her, and if we can get funding, then the volunteers can actually get paid, and maybe we can get more paid hours. It would be nice to get the extra help, and it would be nice to know for sure what’s wrong with her. That doesn’t sound right – there’s nothing ‘wrong’ with her, but she’s got all the characteristics of there being something different about her. I don’t like thinking of it as something ‘wrong’ though.

My recently increased medication schedule seems to have helped out. I’m not so down, and I don’t have the really sick internal narrative. I’m still not quite right – might need to increase my beloved olanzapine in order to get me back to normal- but I’m on the right track again.

I made a couple of kilos of green tomato chutney, in three different recipes so I can pick a favourite, over the past three days. God knows when we’ll eat it though. Maybe I’ll start having crackers and cheese and pickles for my lunches. That could be delicious. But that’s three months down the line when the flavour has developed. If I can wait that long.

This post has been all about me and my own life, and nothing about the outside world. I’ll be back to that the moment something inspires me.


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