Still uninspired

Even in the depths of depression, I managed to write every day or two, but now, being fairly well, I feel completely uninspired. I’m not too interested in the world out there, for reasons unknown. I’m sure there’s plenty going on in the world. I just don’t have the energy to find out what and write about it.
It might be that I’m neck-deep in assignments right now. I fear falling behind very much. Still on track for e assignments, but I’m behind on class work. So much to do, and it takes so much time. There’s all sorts going on to take time away from what I need to do – hospital appointments, public holidays and so on – and its stressful. Stress is not my friend. I have a contact course next week, which is good for learning, not good for catching up on other papers. I’ll have to make it work.
Maybe sometime soon I’ll be back to thinking about the outside world. Not today, though.


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