Prison rape

Today I saw an article about a Brazilian man who raped and killed a one-year-old. That’s horrific, and the man is not fit to live in society. However, what happened to him was horrendous. Twenty men raped him, on more than one occasion, even going so far as tearing out the stitches that held his anus together in order to punish him further.

I have to say, I cannot decide which crime is the more horrific. The way this man’s term in prison is going, I think he would rather he had died with the child. No-one deserves this level of ongoing torture. We stopped whipping people for crimes and stoning people for rape, because we are civilised people and those were uncivilised punishments. Rape has never been written into a penal code as punishment because it is beyond the pale. Rape is wrong, no matter the circumstance.

The link I followed to this article was posted by a friend, with the caption:

“This is what should happen to EVERY rapist. All of them. Bar none.”

It took a while for the anger and horror to coalesce into intelligible thought. Wishing such violence on another human being is just sick. What kind of person says ‘yeah, you’re good to rape him, he deserves it’? It’s setting up a level of ‘people who deserve rape’, and that’s a dangerous path to take. Where do we draw the line? Are date-rapists ok? What about just sexual assault convicts? Maybe they should just be harassed, but hey, what they did was probably close to rape. Hey, let’s rape them anyway, why not? After all, we’re habituated to it now. Anyway, the conversation went on, and I said “If you wouldn’t advocate it for your own son, don’t advocate it for the sons of others.” His response?

If my son did what this guy did I wouldn’t be disappointed if he was treated like this in prison.

The sound you just heard was the remnants of my mind blowing. I don’t give a shit what my children have done, no-one on earth deserves raping! Where is people’s humanity? Being a rapist does not stop you being a human being, and all human beings have some basic rights, including that of bodily autonomy, no matter what they have done!

I just don’t see how people can believe that this is the right way to deal with other human beings. You cannot un-person someone. So these are people you’re talking about. What people are saying here, at its barest, is that it is ok for people to rape other people, as long as they have a reason. That is wrong, and it is sick.

For the love of humanity, reject this twisted idea. Rape is wrong. Always.


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