Still trying to find inspiration

Things that happened today that I could write about: A friend wrote about the costs of standing up to WINZ and the Minister of Social Development, my ever-hated Paula Bennett. She talked a bit about stalking and harassment, which in my limited experience is really rather frightening. I’m sure I have a lot I could say about this.

The Minister of Justice (is it for justice, or of justice? I have no idea) has lied to the government and the entire country, sparking me thinking about honesty and power.

I looked in the mirror, and had a bit of a realisation, that if I eat like a normal person, I put on a whole lot of weight really easily, all around my middle. Central obesity is a risk factor for a whole bunch of first-world diseases, including type 2 diabetes. I’d rather not, so back to my rather spartan diet I go. I have a suspicion that my medication is a part of why I put on weight so easily. Constant hunger and messing with metabolism are the hallmarks of olanzapine. My old friend. Well, constant hunger is the order of the day, more so because I simply need to eat less food. It’s depressing to have to live on a crap diet. Good food, but never enough to be satisfied. I regret spending a month and a half on an ‘eating like a regular person’ plan. So much harder to drop weight than it is to maintain.

Hey look, I managed to write a bit of a rambling. Sad that it’s all about me again. Well, it’s better than not writing at all. Maybe tomorrow I’ll be inspired to write about Sarah and WINZ, or Judith Collins’ complete lack of respect for the country. More likely than not, I won’t.


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