Our government is more corrupt than I would want to believe. I find it hard to call some of these ministers ‘honourable’, nor the Prime Minister ‘right’. Still, election year, and a hope for change. Vote Internet Party: a wasted vote or a vote for change? Who knows?
Diet has made improvements. Still more changes to make. Slowly, so they’re adjustments that I can maintain, rather than dramatic changes that fall away in a few weeks. Takes a while to get used to being more hungry.
My writing is full of terrible train-of-thought mutilations of the English language. I can’t bring myself to care.


2 thoughts on “Musings

    1. Wombat Post author

      Internet party’s definitely gaining ground – it’s polling at 1.5%, which is apparently better than the Mana party and NZ First.
      That site was helpful – it looks dire on the inside as we watch ministers lie to both the Government and the people, but it is true that in general we’re pretty good at government


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