Things I care about

I’ve found theta here are currently fewer and fewer things that I can bring myself to care about. Anything that’s on Facebook that’s not actual posts or good commentary is pretty much out. Quiz-like things are way out, and there’s even a brief moment of anger at their sheer existence.
Politics and social justice can still pull my attention, but if the first paragraph isn’t great, I’m out. Too long equals didn’t read.
There are still people that hold my attention and keep my interest, but equally there are people that just don’t any more.
Friends are dropping away now as I bury myself deeper into family and Uni. Those are the two things that take my time and attention now. I don’t go out much any more. Never really went out a lot but now excursions hat aren’t necessary are nonexistent.
If it was not for the internet, I think I would be completely isolated by now.
I don’t know whether I care though.


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