I wish it was in my head

“I wish this was in my head because then I could deal with it and get better. It’s not.”
I was reading an article today about Myalgic Encephalopathy (chronic fatigue syndrome) and this gem popped out. I actually cried a little.
I do not want to take away one jot of the difficulties faced by those with ME. But psychological issues are not just things in your head that you can just deal with and get better. Taking away from the complexity of mental illness like that is cruel and devalues the reality of people living with a mental illness diagnosis.
I sometimes wonder why people denigrate other’s experiences like this. But it’s pretty simple. Until you walk a path you can at best be sympathetic, usually oblivious, at worst plain cruel.
It shouldn’t matter what a stranger says. But the thousand cuts eventually make you bleed out.


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