Stress explosion

So, I was doing well keeping my school work under control, but it’s started to get away on me a bit. A few extra weekend hours should fix that, right?

Well, weekends are out. Because I’m losing my home. The family that own the place have decided to come back and live in it, and so we have to find somewhere else by September 5th. I was planning to be here another four and a half years, until my younger daughter finished primary school. I feel like my home and my future plans have been ripped out from under me, and that’s not doing anything good for my mental health.

We’re allowed to leave whenever we want, so the rough plan right now is to keep an eye on rental places and get a feel for how much we have to pay to get what we want. Then, starting the 14th of June, we seriously attempt to get a home. I want to try and get the move and the unpacking done before the next semester starts, to reduce the combined stress of Uni and moving. I hope it works that way.

Meanwhile, everything’s just tumbling around my mind, with no solid trains of thought. I might have to email my psychiatrist if I get any worse. Sigh. Stress.


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