Real women

“Real women are independent. They’re not content to being just a house wive” – a horror of grammar that passed in my twitter feed today.
I’m sorry, but you’re painfully wrong. First, who gave you the right to define ‘real women’, @MensPost? Who are you to make that judgement? Real women are whoever defines themselves as women, and your arbitrary judgement is un-called for, unnecessary, and unwanted. Go to hell.
Second, real women come in all shapes and flavours. Some are independent career women. Some are 50s style stay-at-home housewives. Some work part time to save for holiday money. Some are solo beneficiaries with chronic illnesses. Every one of these, and every other flavour of woman, is a real woman. And don’t even start on ‘real woman’ body shaming. Whether you’re thin, round, pear shaped, busty, whatever, you’re a real woman.
No one gets to try and delegitimise anyone else’s existence based on arbitrary criteria. That’s bullshit, and should be called so at every opportunity.


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