RIP Scott Miller. I miss you.

I had just started blogging again in October last year, and things were going pretty well. Then, all of a sudden, radio silence, which continued until a couple of days ago. Well, it all stopped because a dear friend committed suicide. I had no idea how unwell he was, and it came as a total shock.

Scott was one of my very very few regular readers, and he would often get in touch and offer gentle critique, or check if I was ok, or whatever appropriate response there was to what I had written that day. It felt a bit special to have an actual regular reader. And now he’s gone.

I’m still processing the grief. At the time I reacted with a cool head and logic, and just helped keep everything moving. I didn’t cry a lot. I think it’s still all stored up inside me, waiting for an excuse to flood out, probably at a completely inopportune moment.

I miss him so much.


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