Medication hangover

For the first time in ages, I’ve started on a new medication. We’ve been gradually reducing my medication load, but removing one has had some shitty effects, including cancelling my subscription to a good night’s sleep. So we’re trying something new, because the drug I came off was my nemesis, olanzapine, and I would rather not sleep than take that stuff again.

So, to play with sleep a bit, we’ve started amytriptiline. It’s an old antidepressant, which is apparently pretty good but makes you really drowsy. That’s what I’m after, right? Right. A full night’s sleep, without waking up a couple of times for hours at a time.

Last night was the first dose. This morning? Holy hell, turn the sun down, swaddle the world in cotton wool, I have a stupidly nasty hangover. I’ve not have one like this since, well, ever. My keyboard is just a bit loud for comfort, at least until painkillers kicked in a wee bit and took the edge off.

Effects on sleep so far? Well, there was no feeling of drifting off to sleep last night, nor of slowly waking up. It was just awake, and then suddenly awake again. It’s a really disconcerting feeling. And . . . I woke up three times in the night, worse than most nights, for about the same amount of time, and I woke up an hour to an hour and a half earlier than usual. I’m not sure what kind of state I’ll be in this afternoon. It may be a nap kind of day.

This all isn’t unexpected. Starting a new med is always nasty. I’d just forgotten what it was like, after being on stable meds for so long.


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