Side Effect Hell, part dear god how many of these have I done?

Today is day 3 of amitriptyline, a word I can now spell correctly thanks to the University of Google. I have to say, I’m less than impressed.

I’m not really sleeping better, or at least not yet. But I am exceedingly grouchy, and struggling to not take it out on the people around me. Being really grouchy is fantastic right now, given that it’s my three-year anniversary today. Sigh. I spent the day snapping at people then apologising and crying. not winning.

My blood pressure has been a little kinky, so occasionally I’ll stand up and fall right back down again. I’ve been lucky so far, in that I’ve been getting out of bed and just fallen straight back down onto it.

My tongue tastes like I’ve been licking a nine-day-old corpse. It’s awful. It’s not all the time, just when I eat, and for about an hour after. Did I mention I suddenly have this overwhelming urge to snack on things? Is the universe cackling away back there while rubbing her hands together evilly?

I’ve been through so many side effect hells that I’ve actually forgotten what number I’m up to, and it doesn’t get any nicer. I’m fed up. Not much for it but to persevere and hope it gets better, and talk to the doc if it doesn’t, I guess. Now, if you could excuse me, I’m off to have my corpse-flavoured anniversary dinner with my husband and my daughter (no babysitter available = no romantic dinner for me!)


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