Today is for something new, and something old

New job, new desk, and all very exciting. Starting today, I have my first real big-kid job! No more studenthood, no more temping, no more supermarkets. I’m actually growing up, or something. It’s a bit exciting.

Today is also psychiatrist day. Another round of trying to find a way to settle my sleeping down into something resembling normal. Sleeping a full night just doesn’t happen around four or five days every week, and it’s wearing. I have to take naps so often – and doing that in a new job’s not a great look. I’m lucky it’s part time and flexible, because I don’t sleep well enough to work a full day some days.

I went to a friend’s leaving drinks over the weekend, and I didn’t sleep till very late, so I’m very tired and in no position to downy serious writing. So rejoice with me in my good fortune, and cross your fingers for me for progress on the sleep thing, and tomorrow you can have decent content.


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