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A bit of fiction from years past, brought to mind when thinking on the idea of god and the kinds of gods people create.

“Another puff of smoke drifted into the calla lily. I often wondered what the spider living there thought of these toxic clouds permeating his lair. Did James appear to him a poisonous monster? Did he fantasize about being a great hero and slaying the massive creature that breathed death into his home? Were we the stuff of legend, passed down the generations of spider-kin, feared, even revered perhaps? The great smoke-belching god and his smaller, but no less terrifying, attendant.

“What’s on your mind, Scottie?”

“I was just imagining what that spider thinks of us. You and me, we’re just people, but to that spider we must be like gods. Massive, towering, long-lived – do we appear like eternal ancients to them?”

“Aw, it’s a nice fantasy, mate. Anything to make us extraordinary, eh? The Great Elder Gods of Spiderdom, with the power of life and death. I suppose we might be. But does the spider worship us, fear us, hate us, or just ignore us? Maybe his web is an offering to us. Hey, that might be it. An architectural wonder in honor of the gods, like the temple of Artemis at Ephesos. Great are James and Scott, Lords of the Back Step!” He dissolved into good-natured laughter.”