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Sexual tomfoolery

Today’s written insanity comes in the form of a blog post about one Andrew Barnes, and his brilliant mix of abuse, victim-blaming, and outright stupidity, which you may hear about for the low, low price of $40. Book now, and hear his specific brand of asshattery! (No, I don’t know where you can book. Somewhere near the gates of hell, on the left, next to can machines that eat your money, I would think)

The guy advertises his sessions as being about “Expanding Women’s Sexuality”, and then goes on to blame women’s ’emotional baggage’ for any problem at all in their sex lives. Bit uncomfortable in one position? Baggage. He’s a little bit too big and being stretched a bit much? Baggage. Burning case of chlamydia that he gave you? Baggage, all the woman’s and all their fault. And his solution? Him shoving his fingers inside you and pressing on various areas REALLY HARD while you “cry and breathe through the pain”. The man’s delusional if he thinks that’s anywhere near an ethical treatment protocol, or even an effective one.

There are women that have emotional issues that make it difficult to have sex, but these few do not justify his sweeping generalities about all women. Things just not working right ¬†does not equal emotional issues – sometimes things just aren’t working perfectly. But this douchenozzle thinks that a few mild issues in the bedroom are a great reason to get paid for shoving his hands in someone’s vagina.

If it were not for the fact that these women are paying, then what he does could easily be classed as abuse. Pressing hard while they cry in pain? Not usually on the list of things nice people do to women’s vaginas. Taking the money definitely gives him consent, but even then it’s hairy. He’s convinced a whole lot of women that they have a problem, and that the only solution to their problem is his treatment. I’m sure that sounds a tad abusive.

People like this sicken me. They pretend they have all the answers (hell, they might even believe it themselves) but what they peddle is wrong, and dangerous, and hurts the poor people that get sucked in. Presenting this sort of garbage as something that sounds as positive as ‘expanding women’s sexuality’ brings the disingenuity to a whole new level – tell women that this is a good thing for them, and then layer them with blame and guilt.

A man like this should be nowhere near a woman’s vagina.