Why Drop Bear Exterminator?

My daughter came home from Australia with a koala necklace. Being the wonderful parent I am, I immediately began a campaign to educate her on the dangers of Drop Bears. A mythology quickly sprang up.

The wombat is the world’s last bastion against the encroaching menace of the murderous Drop Bears, who are out to take over the world but made the tactical error of beginning their campaign in Australia. Everything there is out to kill you, so one more threat inspires precisely no terror in the local population.

The wombat arose as the great defender of the human race, protecting the ignorant tourists who wanted to pat the cute little koalas from the drop bears that hung above the trap. Silent heroes, they never chased glory for their heroism. They appeared cute, cuddly, and stupid, but they watched over the hunted race of Tourists (locals are safe, the Drop Bears leave them alone for fear of being chucked on the barbie with the shrimp).

It’s time to acknowledge the sacrifices the Wombat people have made for us. So I titled this blog to raise awareness about the heroic wombat, and the menace of the Drop Bear.

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